Monitor Mounts

Gas Strut Single & Dual Screen Monitor Mounts in Australia

​Been searching for an affordable and trustworthy solution to secure your computer screen in a better position? Our range of North Bayou single and dual screen monitor mounts available in Australia incorporate high quality gas pressure filled struts to counterbalance the weight of your computer monitor or TV screen and provide effortless positioning options through conical pivot joints and easy balance adjustment.

A great selection of mounts to accommodate various monitors

Desktop installation mounts accommodate single or dual screen monitors up to 8kg per arm, and offer clamp style mounts for affixing to the edge of your desk or through hole mounting where you need it at a certain position on the surface.

We know that everyone’s requirements are different, so we’ve made sure to stock a long list of various options to suit several different needs. The range of quality solutions we have available goes from 2kg up to a whopping 23kg with a choice of single or dual pivot arms for extra reach and positioning options.

1 Piece - USB 3.0 Extension Cable 1.8m for F80 and F160 base installation
20% OFF RRP $9.95
100 x 100 VESA Mount Weight Plates 1kg

100 x 100 VESA Mount Weight Plates 1kg

$12.00Ex GST

33% OFF RRP $18.00
F120 Gas Strut Wall Mount - Black

F120 Gas Strut Wall Mount - Black

$35.00Ex GST

41% OFF RRP $59.00
F120 Gas Strut Wall Mount - Silver

F120 Gas Strut Wall Mount - Silver

$35.00Ex GST

41% OFF RRP $59.00
F195A Dual Screen Desktop Monitor Mount White
15% OFF RRP $164.00
F195A NEW Model Dual Screen Desktop Monitor Mount 3-12kg per arm - Black
23% OFF RRP $164.00
F350—Gas-Strut Wall Flexi Mount Silver

F350—Gas-Strut Wall Flexi Mount Silver

$78.00Ex GST

13% OFF RRP $90.00
F400 TV Mount Gas Strut 14-23kg Black

F400 TV Mount Gas Strut 14-23kg Black

$69.95Ex GST

22% OFF RRP $89.95
MounTech monitor mount Laptop Shelf with clamps - Black
17% OFF RRP $29.95
MounTech monitor mount Laptop Shelf with clamps - Silver
17% OFF RRP $29.95
NB FP-1 Non-VESA display adaptor for 17"to 27" up to 6.5kg monitors
17% OFF RRP $29.95
NB NEW - F425 Monitor Wall Mount for 3-12kg Screens
20% OFF RRP $74.95
NEW F150 TV Monitor Mount - Silver

NEW F150 TV Monitor Mount - Silver

$54.95Ex GST

31% OFF RRP $80.00
NEW F150 TV Monitor Mount Black

NEW F150 TV Monitor Mount Black

$49.00Ex GST

39% OFF RRP $80.00
NEW F195A Dual Screen Desktop Monitor Mount 3-12kg per arm - Silver
15% OFF RRP $164.00
NEW Gas Strut Model F100A 3-12kg up to 35" Monitors - Silver
10% OFF RRP $99.00
NEW Gas Strut Model F100A Black

NEW Gas Strut Model F100A Black

$77.23Ex GST

22% OFF RRP $99.00
NEW Gas Strut Model F100A White

NEW Gas Strut Model F100A White

$89.00Ex GST

10% OFF RRP $99.00
20% OFF RRP $49.95
NEW Model - Dual Screen Desktop Mount: F160
22% OFF RRP $89.00
NEW NB32 - North Bayou High Lift Dual Monitor Mount 24" t0 32" - Black
5% OFF RRP $199.00
NEW NB45 Heavy Duty Gaming Desktop Monitor Mount 24" - 42" up to 15kg
16% OFF RRP $199.00

Selecting the Right Monitor Mount

The most important factors in selecting your new monitor mount are:

  • Size of the monitor.
  • Weight of the monitor.
  • Does it HAVE VESA mounting holes?
  • What is the VESA mounting pattern for your monitor?
  • Where are you going to mount it?
  • What functionality and flexibility like vertical travel and reach do you need?

If you need a hand, please don't hesitate to drop us a line or give us a call.

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There are so many ways you can set up your screens. Whether it’s in your home or at a workplace, one of the ceiling brackets we have available will free up valuable floor space. Or, perhaps you’d like to have your flatscreen mounted onto a wall? We can help with that as well. Whatever you’re in need of, we are here to provide professional assistance and top-quality products.

Delivered to your door throughout Australia

All of the items you see here are available for delivery anywhere in Australia, and even offer free metro shipping for all orders. Regional shipping may incur surcharges. If you have a question for us, phone 1300 190 419 or send us an online query.

Quality Options for TV Wall Mounts, a Mobile TV Stand and TV Wall Mounts in Australia

As technology develops, the mounts and stands that support the equipment change as well. Without the proper support for a television or computer monitor, you run the risk of completely destroying a key component of your home or business.

Screen Mounts Australia offer only top-of-the-line dual monitor stands, mobile TV stands and TV wall mounts across Australia.

Options for a Dual Monitor Stand

We offer only top quality dual monitor stand options in Australia. A dual monitor stand can be a great addition to your desktop as it allows you to have multiple screens open at one time, giving you the ability to view several applications simultaneously.

The size and weight of your monitors will dictate the type of dual monitor stand that is best for you. Another consideration would be what are you looking to mount the dual monitor stand to as well as what type of flexibility (if any) would suit you best.

Using a Mobile TV Stand in Australia

The use of mobile TV stands has become extremely popular among teachers looking to show their class a film or a business looking to give a presentation. We offer you a number of different options to suit your requirements for a mobile TV stand in Australia.

When you are considering a mobile TV stand there are certain factors that should be taken into consideration. You must determine whether you are looking to transport the stand between locations or whether you are looking to only move it around one room. Another consideration is the size of your TV. You want to ensure that the mobile TV stand that you choose will support the TV that you are looking to move around.

Watch TV in Comfort

At the end of a long day, you look forward to coming home and being able to relax. Most people look forward to laying down on a couch or in bed and catching up on their favourite show. Part of this comfort is having the proper placement for your TV.

While a TV can be mounted in any room, a living room and bedroom are the primary places that TVs are placed using a TV wall mount in Australia. The various TV wall mount options range from a standard mount, to a mount that extends out from the wall, to one that can be tilted up and down.

Our Team Will Help You Make the Right Choice

Screen Mounts Australia is dedicated to helping you make the right choice when you purchase a TV wall mount, mobile TV stand or a dual monitor stand in Australia. We will explain each option to you to ensure your selection fully meets your usage and cost requirements. We carry only high-quality products that cater to any home or business owner.

For more information about your dual monitor stand, mobile TV stand or TV wall mount options in Australia, call us on 1300 190 419 or visit our website.

Boost Daily Productivity With the Right Dual Monitor Stand for Your Melbourne Home or Office

For those who spend much of the workday sitting in front of a computer, whether you are a software developer or a market analyst, there is always something else to be done. If multi-tasking is frequently a large part of your day, then you may already know the constraints that come with using only one monitor. Even with a high-resolution widescreen monitor on a wallmount in your Melbourne workspace, there is only so much screen space for important applications, windows and data. Switching to using two monitors not only gives you plenty of digital real estate to work with, but could also allow you to improve your focus.

With a dual monitor stand in your Melbourne office, you can position your screens exactly as you like to maximise workflow efficiency. By spreading information across two screens, it is far simpler to see important data ‘at a glance’ while keeping references, work materials and other things close at hand. Instead of switching between windows every few minutes, users can spread them out with ease.

At Screen Mounts Australia, we offer excellent options for those searching for a reliable dual monitor stand in Melbourne. With products that provide the strength and stability necessary to keep your hardware secure, you can choose screen mounts that allow you to customise your approach to daily workflows. Remember to keep in mind the total weight of your monitors as you choose the most compatible unit. For further details or purchasing assistance, please use our contact form