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Quality Ceiling Mounts for TVs & Monitors in Australia

Whether you’re looking for installation in a residential or commercial setting, these are a fantastic way to free up floor space while bringing an air of style and sophistication to any space. In Australia, ceiling TV mounts are being seen more and more due to their space-saving benefits, and there are so many different ways in which to use them.

The many benefits of utilising monitor ceiling mounts

There are a number of fantastic benefits to mounting screens from above. In the home, it can be a great way to create a more comfortable setting for general use, and in an office it’s a fantastic method of advertising either updates to staff or branding and promotions to clients. Additionally, in shops or other situations where queues are a common occurrence, you can provide entertainment to those waiting to fight boredom and irritability.

Why choose our Australian ceiling TV mounts?

We know how important it is for these particular products to be heavy-duty and reliable, 100% of the time. Poor-quality monitor ceiling mounts can end up costing you a lot in damages when they inevitably fail and your screen drops to the ground (or even worse, onto an unsuspecting shopper!). If you’re looking for outstanding quality that you can trust, we are here to provide precisely that.

Delivering our fantastic products throughout the country

We proudly offer every customer around Australia delivery right to your front door. So whether it’s one of the ceiling mounts for TVs, you’re interested in something for a computer monitor, or you’d like a solid wall mount, we’ll take good care of you. Be sure to take a good look throughout our online store and take advantage of our FREE metro shipping for any order. Regional shipping may incur surcharges.

For further information, please call 1300 190 419 or use our online contact form.

Where to Find Reliable Ceiling Mounts for Your TV

When you invest in a home or office technology upgrade as significant as a flatscreen television, it is crucial to feel confident about where you are going to place it. Will it serve its function well in that spot? Perhaps more importantly, will it be protected? At Screen Mounts Australia, we take pride in knowing we supply only the best in high-grade quality ceiling mounts for your TV. We offer ceiling TV mounts throughout Australia that will encourage stable, protected placement for this central piece of your home or office without hassle.

We have the tools and equipment you need to add more space and practicality to your home entertainment system—or the key piece of technology in your office. With our ceiling mounts for every TV, you will never have to worry about wasted space or incorrect placement. We will provide assistance so you can select the right ceiling mount for your new television the first time. From universal ceiling mounts that fit any location, be it a public workspace or a private entertainment hub, to heavy-duty back-to-back TV ceiling mounts that offer two television mounts in one, we offer every item you need to practically and safely upgrade your flatscreen support system.

When you buy from Screen Mounts Australia, you are investing in not just high-quality products with long-lasting warranties but also experienced professionals who are happy to aid in finding the right wall mount for your space.

Contact us today, and let's work together to find a ceiling mount that will finally allow you to enjoy your workspace or entertainment centre with the fear of damage to your favourite flatscreen.

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