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Bought a couple of monitor mounts off this company and have had an excellent experience with them. Customer service was on point, price was competitive with other retailers and it came within 24-48 hours of me ordering the product. Highly recommend seller.

Kieran Brazil
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F195A NEW Model Dual Screen Desktop Monitor Mount 3-12kg per arm - Black --- Great product. Well built / solid construction. Only downside is that you can only fit two cables in the dedicated hidden cable management compartments running down the arms, but not a big deal. Australian supplier means no dealing with eBay stores etc. Great price. Recommended for larger width tables (which is what I wanted). Easy enough install. I set this up with a monitor on one arm and my work laptop on the other (which can easily be swung away on weekends).

Jim Waldersee

Perfect product. Perfect service. Perfect price. And local!

We have bought two monitor desktop mounts and are very happy. We have also recommended them to family, friends and colleagues.

Rebecca Nicholls

I purchased a North Bayou F195A dual arm monitor mount from Screen Mounts Australia. It arrived in super quick time - 2 days. The service has been great. The unit itself is brilliant and I would highly recommend it as it can handle up to12kg monitors. It’s easy to manoeuvre once you get the tension settings just right. Allows for multiple configurations.

Michael Wayburne

Great product, easy ordering & next day delivery from interstate. Very happy!

Tony S

Brilliant product, super fast delivery and professional advice that enabled me to confirm product suitability before I committed to the purchase. Would not hesitate to recommend or deal with this company again.


Super fast postage and items always arrive as described. I'm very happy with each purchase from Screen Mounts Australia, and can happily recommend them.

Light Scribe Sales

Timely delivery - good quality, solid item. Easy to put together. Has cable tidy in the rear of the upright poles

Elspeth Prince

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Australia’s Heavy Duty Screen Mounts & TV Wall Mounting Brackets

Quality is of the utmost importance when it comes to hanging such an expensive item. If you were to choose TV or monitor wall mounts that weren’t up to scratch, you may well end up with a big repair bill on the cards; so make sure that you’re buying from the best in the business right here at Screen Mounts, located in Australia. TV wall mounting brackets and heavy duty screen mounts are our one and only focus, and you can feel confident that when you purchase from us, you’re purchasing the highest quality.

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What are the benefits of mounting a TV on the wall?

Whether it’s in the living room of your home or at the office, there are a multitude of advantages to have TV wall mounts for your screen, such as:

You’ll save a whole lot of space

Instead of your flatscreen taking up valuable space on top of a cabinet, it’s totally out of the way with our TV wall mounts. You then have the option to either use a cabinet for ornaments/photos/speakers or remove it entirely.

It’s aesthetically pleasing

It’ll bring a real sense of style to any space, especially when you’ve taken care of all of the unsightly wires that would normally hang down the back.

A safe alternative in more ways than one

Because it’s out of the way, there’s little to no chance it can be pushed over accidentally by a passer-by. A fallen flatscreen doesn’t only cause damage to the unit itself, it can also cause injury to someone in the vicinity due to its significant weight.

Heavy duty wall mounts for monitors and screens delivered to your door

We offer to-your-door delivery on all of our products, including carts and mobile stands as well as computer monitor wall and desk mounts and much more, all over Australia. We even offer free metro shipping for all orders! Regional shipping may incur surcharges.

Got a question for us? Phone us directly on 1300 190 419 today.

Looking For TV Wall Mounts or a Sturdy Stand for Sale? Buy With Confidence Through Screen Mounts

Whether in the home or a business establishment, the placement of television monitors is often just as important as the quality of the hardware itself. A TV that has a limited viewing angle, or which requires an uncomfortable head position to look at for long periods of time, is not as enjoyable to use. On the other hand, a monitor that is well-mounted in a pleasing and easily viewable location is more likely to result in a satisfying experience. For that reason, choosing the right TV stand for sale is an important decision. When you want to buy a TV wall mount, there are many factors to keep in mind. Chief among them is durability.

At Screen Mounts Australia, this is one feature we emphasise strongly in our product range. When you invest in a television, especially in a high-end model, the last event you want to experience is a failure that sends your screen crashing to the floor. For that reason, you will find only products that exemplify durability and reliability for sale here. As you shop around looking to buy TV wall mounts, one thing is essential to keep in mind: the VESA mounting arrangement on both your TV and the mount or stand you intend to purchase.

Buy a TV stand that will fit your unit perfectly

VESA typically refers to the Video Electronic Standards Association, the organisational body that creates standards for many types of hardware. In the context of TV mounts, though, it typically refers to the standardised VESA mounting ports found on the back of televisions. These are regular arrangements of pre-made holes for screws, allowing practically any TV produced by major manufacturers to fit into a mount. The standard pattern is a square 200 millimetres to a side, expressed as 200x200 in your user manual. Larger sizes, such as 400x200, and smaller sizes such as 200x100, also exist. You can typically find your TV's VESA size in your manual, or simply by measuring the distance yourself.

While you look to buy a TV stand from Screen Mounts Australia, be sure to look for a VESA sizing compatible with your monitor. At the same time, be sure that the weight rating you choose can handle the monitor you intend to mount. While X-frame mounting brackets are common for movable stands, H-frame brackets can provide you with multiple options, allowing you to use the same mount for different TVs as needed. H-frames also provide greater stability, which may be significant depending on your usage scenario.

Explore our full range of products today

Once you understand the basics of mounting like VESA, shopping for the right product becomes much easier. Now you can consider things such as saving space with a wall mount or creating interactive displays in the office with movable monitors. Whatever you choose, we have plenty of options to ensure you find precisely what you need. For questions or concerns about how to choose a mount for sale that works best for your application, please feel free to get in touch.

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