How To Optimize Your TV Stand For Office Use

27 February 2021 Date Posted:30 March 2022 


By John Smith Author: John Smith  




So how do you optimize your TV stand and avoid wastage and unnecessary spending? Easy, here are a few steps to follow.


There are many spaces that could do with a TV stand. Whether it's being used traditionally, or for something extra, the important thing is that TV stands are here to stay, and fast replacing wall mounts as the go-to option for housing and office needs. 


With good reason too, it is generally more cost-effective than a projector, and offers more flexibility than a wall mount. The mobile TV Stand holds many advantages that rightfully place it as the most convenient tool for the demonstration needs of corporate workspaces, especially small businesses.


As a small business, you might have decided to go for a mobile TV stand because although not cheap, it is a relatively economical option for you. However, even a seemingly economical purchase might not fulfill its full fiscal potential if used sub-optimally. 


If this happens, then businesses could end up purchasing more than one TV stand where having only one would normally suffice. Thus, ruling out any financial advantage they would have had by choosing to get a TV stand instead of several more costly alternatives. 


So how do you optimize the TV stand and avoid wastage and unnecessary spending? Easy, here are a few easy steps:

Ensure you have a fully mobile one

Believe it or not, not all TV stands are equipped to be mobile, and purchasing one without the capacity for mobility defeats the entire purpose of having a TV stand in the first place. A TV stand without wheels or other mobility arrangements is not too far from a wall-mount and would likely require getting multiple stands. 


Alternatively, getting a mobile TV stand for your office can save the need to get multiple stands, and also holds many more advantages that enhance productivity as well. It allows you to have different types of meetings in different rooms without having to replace anything except maybe the TV being used. It frees up rooms for other activities rather than having people queue to use the same facilities. 


It is also important to invest in models that are foldable or can be dismembered and carried comfortably, and reassembled easily in a different location. This can help for outdoor office retreats and offsite presentations and is preferable to renting on the new site. It also helps to have a stand that you are already comfortable with when you go to a new site to avoid the time-wasting complications of getting familiar with a new stand. 


Ensure it has adjustable width 

Some mobile TV stands are only able to fit one TV either because the screws and main brackets are not adjustable to fit televisions smaller than the original model size, or because the mount plate is not big enough to accommodate larger televisions. 


To fully optimize the mobile TV stand, it would be reasonable to get a model that is width adjustable and can accommodate different television sizes. Apart from being able to move the stand into different spaces, it is also prudent to have a mobile TV stand that can shelter more than one size of the television set. This stand should be big enough for larger televisions, and also simple enough to adjust for the smaller televisions. 


Special consideration can be given to stands that operate by having hook pliable brackets that can accommodate televisions of any size by fitting to their back. It is also important in cases where you might need to use the mobile TV stand in a larger or smaller room. All you need to do is adjust as needed.



The alternative is to buy a new stand or mount for every television that the mobile TV stand will need to pair with. For an organisation that has different sizes of televisions or restrictions with room sizes, it could cost up to thousands of dollars to cater to their TV stand needs by purchasing many stands. This, best to optimize one TV stand and spare the expense for something more important. 

Ensure it has adjustable Height 

Adjustable width is one solution, and adjustable height is another. Many mobile TV stands come with stand legs that are adjustable for height and this serves many purposes that could eliminate the need for spending on more stands. 


Height adjustable stands help to make presentations, or have meetings in rooms that are of different heights, as well as have presentations for different sizes of audiences with the same mobile TV stand. With a smaller crowd who are up close, a shorter size stand would suffice, but for a larger crowd, a higher stand will be necessary to avoid people at the front blocking those behind them. Ordinarily, these would be two separate mobile TV stands, but with a height-adjustable stand, only one is needed. 


Extra Storage Space

Most office-used televisions are used with other appliances like wi-fi routers, speaker bars, laptops, home theaters, and so on. These appliances often need places to rest on while being used with the television sets. For this, some firms might purchase shelves, or additional scaffolds to support the appliance.



However, getting a mobile TV stand that already comes with extra storage space or an extra platform for these appliances saves the cost that would have gone into setting up a new shelf. The platform being together with the stand also helps to keep the different wires from tangling, or scattering around the office floor.




Finding the right mobile TV stand and optimizing it for your business needs in these and other ways can improve productivity, and save significant revenue from being spent needlessly.

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