Monitor Wall Mounts



If you’ve never used a wall-mounted monitor, you may be wondering whether it’s worth it to mount yours. Using a monitor wall mount in Sydney is actually a great idea for several reasons. Here are four reasons you may want to purchase a monitor wall mount in Sydney.



Wall-mounted monitors are highly adjustable; you can sit in the position you prefer and adjust the monitor so that you can view it comfortably. Most wall-mounted monitors can be adjusted up or down, side to side, tilted toward or away from you, and rotationally.

Free space

One of the best reasons to mount your monitor on the wall is to save space on your desk. Your monitor can take up a surprising amount of space – space you could use for paperwork, a printer or scanner, or simply to achieve the clean, uncluttered look you want.


Having an ergonomically correct workspace is essential for your overall health, particularly if you spend most of the day at your computer. Wall-mounted monitors can be adjusted to sit at the perfect height for you, so they encourage good posture throughout the day.


Wall-mounted monitors simply look great. This approach provides you with a sleek, modern look that you won’t be able to achieve with a monitor sitting on your desk. Especially if you can route cables through the wall, you can easily take the look of your desk to the next level.

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