How to Choose the Right Mobile TV Stand for your Home

27 February 2021 Date Posted:20 September 2021 


By John Smith



With the recent advancement in technology, mobile TV stands are becoming a trend. They are also gaining more popularity than the standard TV mount since they can be used without any drilling or DIY skills.

Aside from improving your home's aesthetic value, the mobile TV stand allows users to position TVs at the most comfortable angle for viewing pleasure. This provides a significant health benefit to many people by eliminating back, neck, shoulder pains, and eye strain. And many of them are made with roller wheels for convenient movement from one place to another.

A mobile TV stand is highly functional even in business places that require the TV moved to different conference rooms regularly.

However, there are a few things to consider before buying a mobile TV stand.

The size and nature of your space

If you love your space to be organised and appealing, you should source a TV stand that will match the style and decor of your room. If you are going to put it in the living room, then the style and colour should coordinate with your furniture and living room accessories.

You can find TV stands in metallic, wooden, or glass material so there will always be an option that fits well. The room size is also important to consider and determine whether the corner or swivel mobile TV stand will be best.

The size and strength of your stand

The measurements of your TV stand and TV are quite different. Before purchasing a mobile TV stand, you need to know the weight of your TV. For safety and optimum usage, the strength and size of your television stand are vital and should support the TV firmly.

Besides the stand's strength, it should also have space for power cables, remote controls, gaming consoles, and DVD players. Choosing a TV stand height that is too low or high will interfere with the viewing angle. You can find short, standard, and tall mobile TV stands in the market, so choose one right for your viewing angle and seating height.



A mobile TV stand can be made of wood or metal material. Both of them have the same functions and durability. Here, preference comes into play. However, remember that the metal mobile TV stands are more suitable for modern homes while the wood type can give your room a more rustic and traditional look.

The metal stands are made of chrome or powder finish to make them more appealing. While the wood comes in varieties such as oak, cherry, mahogany, and maple.


You may want to change the position of your TV sometimes. Perhaps there’s a little family bonding going on in the kitchen. The swivel stand is great for this and easy to transfer due to its lightweight.

These tips will help you pick the best mobile TV stand for your home or business place. Visit our website to find the perfect stand today.