Mobile TV Stands vs Wall Mounts

27 February 2021 Date Posted:27 February 2022 


By John Smith Author: John Smith  




Mobile TV stands are becoming the new craze and at the rate that they are being adopted, it is only a matter of time before they completely replace wall mounts for TV sets.


But is there a science to the adoption? What are the benefits, if any, of adopting a mobile TV stand Melbourne over a more traditional wall mount? Which of the gadgets would be more suited to your home? Let’s help you look at the Pros and Cons of the mobile TV stand so you can decide for yourself. 


The most obvious advantage is the mobility of a TV stand. You can move the mobile TV stand into any room or even outdoors without needing to uncouple or unhinge the Television from the stand. Wall mounts on the other hand would require tedious uncoupling and recoupling to move the television even within the same room. 


For businesses that tend to make several presentations and pitches in different settings, or rooms or schools who do not always need the television in plain view as well as individuals who tend to be indecisive about where their Television should sit, the mobile TV stand is the best thing since sliced bread. This is also applicable to individuals or businesses that are prone to repurposing spaces and spontaneous movement.


A wall mount would reduce creative options and would require a user to dismount, uncouple, recouple and then remount the Television set. Usually with the help of a professional. A mobile TV stand, on the other hand, could simply be wheeled into a new setting with little hassle. 

There will be no damage to your wall

How many people would want their living room or bedroom walls looking like a big block of Swiss cheese? Not many people I suppose. Well, this could be the case if you find a regular need to reposition your television on a wall mount.


Wall mounts require holes in the wall to secure the braces in place and those holes would need to be made every time a wall mount is to be erected. 

With mobile TV stand Sydney, there is no need at all for even a single hole to be drilled into your beautiful wall, possibly ruining your paint job and causing a distasteful look on your wall should you need to move the television. 

Mobile TV stands are height Adjustable 

There may be a need to increase or reduce the height of the television or monitor on the stand for purposes such as trying to present to a wider audience or switching between children and adult audiences. 


To do this while using a wall mount would be tedious and uncomfortable with little reward and even less precision. Struggling to refit wall mounts to adjust to new heights and missing by a few inches, and having to go through the process all over again sounds like a frustrating experience and is one which you won’t have to go through if you choose to get a mobile tv stand Melbourne that is height adjustable and can shrink and grow as needed per time. Another reason why the flexibility of the mobile tv stand makes it a great asset. 

Can be used as a makeshift shelf 

Gaming consoles, speakers and soundbars, decoders for cable TV, or any other accessory that would pair a television would normally go into a separate cabinet apart from the wall mount. A separate cabinet that would no doubt cost extra to assemble.


Most mobile TV stands in Australia come coupled with shelves and extra space for storing television accessories like those mentioned up there. 

Rather than having to splurge on a new, separate television cabinet, the mobile stand Sydney already provides a shelf that is also moveable, making it easy to move anything that would be required to go along with the television into new rooms or into new positions. And all of this can be done without too much heavy lifting, or calling a professional to make a new cabinet or shelf to fit your TV accessories. 

Accessibility of wiring 

TV sets mounted on walls are within touching distance of the wall and predominantly have a problem with the accessibility of the wires behind the television.


HDMI cords, USB drives, and even power cables are practically impossible to reach once the television has been mounted on the wall stand. Sometimes, the television will need to be uncoupled from the stand just to gain access to a wire behind it.


Mobile TV stands are easier to maneuver and access to your television’s back panel is easier. Reaching a wire behind the television won’t be as challenging because you can easily move the mobile tv stand forward to access the panel featuring the wire extensions for the TV set. 

Most mobile TV stands also have the ability to control the haphazardness of wires by sporting supportive bases for which to place wires of the TV and even consoles.



All of this isn’t to say that wall mounts are completely useless or that mobile TV stands are without flaws. In fact, wall mounts still have a few practical benefits over mobile TV stands.


For example, wall mounts are generally cheaper to procure than mobile TV stands with some even coming as part of the packaging of new television sets. 


For individuals who do not require any extra accessories like shelves and counters to accompany their televisions, and who also do not intend to move their televisions frequently, wall mounts could prove to be a real bargain in comparison to a mobile TV stand. 


Wall mounts also save space for minimalists and televisions set up in small rooms. With no wheels and no stands to clog up space, wall mounts are the go-to choice for individuals or businesses who have limited space with which to mount their televisions. 

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